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Add-on Services


Add-ons Services

Uses any of these tools to enhance your Fleet Management Solutions:

CAN Fuel Temperature Driver
CAN Bus Reader
Understanding and improve drivers driving performance through tailored training
Fuel Sensor
Better cost control by monitoring fuel consumption and prevent theft
Temperature Sensor
Monitor temperature with alert management, ensuring goods are in optimized temperature while on the go
Driver Identification
Improve management of drivers with an identification system, log down work hours and access control
RPM Comm RF Tag Panic
RPM Module
Better cost management by monitoring RPM where over revving leads to more fuel usage and engine damage
Instantaneous communication between manager and mobile staff for task management
Asset Track
Worry free from lost of movable assets. Asset remotely monitored with add-on of RFID capabilities
Panic Button
Antidote to any mishap or accident while driving with a touch of the button


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