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Asset Track

Asset Track Services

Manual process of location assets or equipment are labor intensive and inefficient.

With Cartrack Asset Track System, it offers the most effective way to track and trace virtually any movable asset, reducing losses, increase productivity and improve profits. Cartrack uses RF asset tracking technology, coupled with GPS and GPRS data communication. It simplifies monitoring and recording of changes to an asset’s location and availability, ensuring timely information of asset is available as and when you need it!

  • Self-contained tracking unit communicates GPS position via GPRS.
  • Positioning is given at pre-determined intervals, up to three times per day, depending on clients’ requirements.
  • Small discreet device which is entirely self-powered with a long-life battery (up to 3 years, depending on usage).
  • Typical applications include periodic positioning of assets such as generators, valuable equipment or machinery, containers, trailers, crates and any moveable items.
  • Tracking is done via Cartrack’s powerful, web-based system on detailed maps as is provided on the standard fleet pages

Cartrack Asset Track enables logistic managers, material managers, distribution and transport services to:

  • Automate inventory management
  • Reduce equipment loss
  • Improve staff efficiency by reducing search times
  • Increase equipment utilization
  • Improve regulatory compliance through on-time completion of equipment maintenance

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