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Fleet Management for Machines


Fleet Management for Machines

Telematics is a growing technological field that helps cut costs and improve business operations by machine rental companies, contractors and operators in construction , waste management, ground support equipment and machinery industry. Cartrack Fleet Management for Machines is a quality control management tool for the assignment of day-to-day operations. Cartrack tracks any machines that run on engine, ranging from construction equipment or heavy equipment like forklift, prime mover, crane, tractor, excavator, backhoe, compactor, generator to ground support equipment like tow tractor, ground power unit, transporter, conveyor belt loader,  etc.

Cartrack Machine Tracking System provides real-time monitoring on your machinery and equipment, logs the machine operating hours, sends out alerts and creates reports on demand or by schedule. It optimise all ground activities via improved machinery utilization and workforce while enhanced equipment safety and life-span. This is achieved through real-time monitoring and alert management for anomalies, ensuring operation meets the regulatory compliance of various authorities, like NEA, BCA, etc. It provides numerous advantages that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and security.

Key Features:

  • Accurate position of the machine
  • Indicates machine on/off
  • Logs operating hours of machinery
  • Reports effective working hours
  • Monitors fuel consumption
  • Tracks and monitors vehicle system

Benefits of the Machines Track:

  • Improve Fleet Efficiency
  • Enhance Fuelling Efficiency
  • Real-time Alerts for Anomalies
  • Reduce Machine Running Costs
  • Compliance to Machine Running Hours
  • Ensure Safety Compliance to Authorities Regulations
  • Increase Operators Accountability and Responsibility
  • Increase Machines Availability
  • Improve Machine Performance over the Life-cycle
Vehicle Fleet Add-on Services Key Features

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