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Private Vehicle Tracking System

Your vehicle is more than just an asset, so why take any chances with losing your vehicle without a trace? Cartrack vehicle GPS tracking systems comprises of an advanced GPS tracking unit that is expertly and discreetly installed into your car. You will locate the position of your car at your fingertips using the Cartrack mobile apps. The tracking and monitoring capabilities is also designed to provide you peace of mind  and protect your car from theft with support of our highly trained operators at the call centre. Or, you can simply login to Cartrack mobile apps from your mobile device to locate your vehicle.

The risk of car stolen is a big concern of every car owner. With Cartrack vehicle GPS tracking system, you can trace your car easily whenever it. After verifying that there is an unauthorized usage of the vehicle, Cartrack trained professions will assist the police in tracing the vehicle by informing the GPS location of the stolen vehicle. Cartrack system also  the option to immobilize the vehicle remotely to assist recovery.

Cartrack has a number of vehicle tracking product options that are sure to fit your unique lifestyle and needs by offering you a means to protect yourself and your family.

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