Concrete Facts and Cement Outlaws

4 September 2020

By the end of this sentence, the amount of concrete that has been poured around the world will be enough to fill up almost 3 Olympic sized swimming pools. Almost anywhere you look, there is at least one structure composed of concrete, so it might not come as a surprise to some that it’s the most consumed resource in the world after water. 3 tonnes per person consumed each year, making it a whopping 23.4 billion tonnes. The industry alone is worth over $37 billion.

Concrete is composed of water, an aggregate (usually rock or sand), and Portland cement. It makes for one of the most durable engineering materials, often getting tougher as it ages. It is humanity’s greatest tool to tame nature; damming rivers, sheltering us from the rain, paving our roads, giving us buildings with rooftop bars that charge too much for a pint, and forming the foundations of the places we call home.

As urban jungles get built across the world, turning our blue and green planet grey, lies an underworld thriving in the shadows cast by the buildings made with concrete.

Ask anyone managing a construction site, and they can tell you that cement theft is a major problem faced in the industry. Around the world, there are instances of cement fraud, on-site theft, and even transporters being held at gunpoint. But the rippling effect cement theft has on a project is more costly than you think.

What does Cement Theft cost you, really.

  • The cost to replace the missing quantities. (Even if a quarter of each order goes missing each time, as in some cases where cement drum trucks make detours to offload small quantities of cement, the volume over time could lead to hundreds, if not thousands of litres of cement premix to be replaced, a very heavy price for anyone to pay if it continues to go unaccounted)
  • Additional transport costs for the replacement quantities.
  • Project delays in lieu of replacement, investigation, and managing the order for replacement
  • Additional manpower costs, especially if they’re specialists.
  • In the event of a forceful theft, there may even be damage to equipment or other assets.

If one were to estimate the costs incurred just by cement fraud alone, it could amount to a major blow to profit margins, yet alone the time wasted having to compare order sheets to delivery schedules and driver logs and tallying quantities.

What we can do to help.

At Cartrack, we make more than just GPS trackers. We provide personalised fleet management solutions that is catered to your industry, and we can only do so simply because we understand the nature of your business. Our specialists won’t only listen to your concerns, but they’re intimately familiar with your pain points.

Our technology doesn’t just track your mobile assets in real time, but we’re able to notify you immediately of important activity. Take a cement drum mixer for instance; for every instance there is a loading or offloading of cement, drum rotation sensor activity is logged in real time – the system doesn’t just tell you how many times the drum sensor has been triggered, it also shows you when, where and exactly how much was loaded and offloaded each time; eradicating potentially hours of investigation.

Cartrack helps those in construction and engineering detect and deter cement theft, we pride ourselves on boosting your productivity through comprehensive reports – giving you data analytics in real time to take quicker actions to optimise your fleet.

Even if your mobile asset does not require cement drum monitoring, our other equipment personalisations will greatly impact your organisation in a positive way, like monitoring power take-off (PTO) activity for drills and cranes to identify true idling when PTO is not engaged, driver identification for all vehicles – so you know which operators were handling the equipment – and a fuel sensor to prevent fuel fraud and lower fuel costs.

Our solutions also include streamlining and automating your workflows so that your financial, administrative and operational information is easily accessible and visible to reduce hours of cross-referencing when it comes to billing customers/clients and paying operators. It is also possible for your customers to track your driver’s progress as they await their orders; making sure that the right quantities are given to the right place at the right time.

The heart of our business is assisting in the success of your business, which is why our specialists empathise with your concerns and work with you to personalise a solution that brings true value in so many ways.

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This is the first in a multi-part blog series, More than just a GPS Tracker.


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