One of The Best Fleet Management Systems In Singapore

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In today's fleet management world, no good fleet manager would be caught dead without a fleet management system.

But with so many gadgets, technologies and companies out there claiming to do it all, how do you find the best fleet management system for your business? 

Time is money, so let's not beat around the fleet and get straight to it.

In this article, you will:

  • Find out what the best fleet management system in Singapore is
  • Understand the benefits of one of the best fleet management systems
  • Discover how top fleet management solutions can elevate your business
  • Find out how Cartrack’s fleet management system has helped businesses succeed
  • Learn all the ins and outs of fleet management systems

What is the Best Fleet Management System in Singapore

Cartrack Singapore offers one of the best fleet management systems that empowers fleet managers with data-driven decision-making. The best fleet management system unlocks a world of telematics ensuring that fleet managers can:

  • Improve their fleet’s efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce the overall costs of fleet operations
  • Elevate the business with the best business solutions
  • Boost vehicle, driver and asset safety
  • Take steps toward environmental sustainability through fuel management

What makes Cartrack stand out from the rest? Let’s find out.

What Makes Cartrack One of the Best

Catrack is a leading global ‘Software-as-a-Service’ platform provider for businesses of all sizes.  Partnering up with a company like Cartrack Singapore gives your business an edge. With continuous innovation and development around AI and data analytics, Cartrack can offer advanced services to its clients in various industries, including construction, cold chain logistics, rental and leasing, taxi and transportation logistics

Cartrack also enjoys an active user subscription of over 1,800,000 and is located in 23 countries across the globe. It is fast becoming the global technology platform of choice for businesses around the world and especially in Singapore. 

If you’re in search of a flawless fleet management solution to boost your fleet operations in Singapore, here’s why Cartrack should be your top choice.

How Cartrack's Fleet Management Technology Can Transform Your Business In Singapore

The fleet management climate is currently highly competitive, so you want to ensure that you are working with the best in the market. Here are the top 6 ways Cartrack will help elevate your fleet operations.

6 ways Cartrack’s Fleet Management Solutions will elevate your business

  1. MiFleet Cost Management System - This is a web-based system that equips your businesses with one of the best fleet management technologies to help you keep track of all your administrative, operational and financial activities related to the day-to-day running costs of your fleet. This solution allows the seamless integration of administrative work and your fleet management software. With a consolidated view of everything related to your fleet operation, you gain control over the productivity of your fleet.
  2. Fleet Reports - These are automated reports on your fleet and all related activities that can be accessed through Cartrack’s fleet management system. You can receive summaries of different trips or detailed reports straight in your inbox. Reports like driver scorecards and driver behaviour reports show you what drivers have been speeding, braking harshly or idling for abnormal periods. You can use these reports to show drivers where improvements need to be made to improve driver safety and efficiency within your fleet.
  3. AI Cameras - Cartrack’s AI-powered cameras provide a live-streaming function that helps ensure driver, fleet and cargo safety. Fleet managers can access footage of up to 8 interior and exterior cameras to monitor their vehicles and drivers. The AI cameras also detect distracted driver behaviour, such as smoking, fatigue, cell phone use and more and then alert drivers audibly in real time so they can prevent accidents and collisions, helping businesses boost driver and fleet safety.
  4. Specialised Sensors - Cartrack offers specialised sensors to ensure fleet and cargo safety. Cargo door and temperature monitoring sensors are the most commonly used. Cargo door sensors send you real-time alerts when your cargo door opens or closes, helping you track and safeguard the movement of your cargo. Temperature monitoring sensors alert you the moment there are any temperature fluctuations within your cargo area, allowing you to keep your sensitive cargo at the perfect temperature. These sensors help you protect your valuable goods in transit and avoid unnecessary damage or loss.
  5. Fuel Management - This system helps you accurately monitor your fleet's fuel consumption with per-kilometre reporting. It can automatically alert you of any potential fuel cost drainages like fuel theft or unauthorised fuel card usage by reviewing all your fuel transactions and matching your fuel receipts with your vehicle's telemetry data, allowing you to turn fuel cost wastages into instant profit.
  6. Driver ID Tags - Employees are required to tap these tags on a vehicle or equipment to operate it, ensuring that only authorised persons can use or operate certain equipment. This allows fleet managers to control and monitor the usage of their vehicles, improving driver accountability and productivity, and fleet safety.

A good fleet management system is an indispensable tool for any fleet organization. No matter the size or type of business, be it the transportation of goods, the delivery of products from sellers to customers, or e-hailing and taxi services, you name it, your business will benefit from using one. No wonder these systems are quickly becoming popular in Singapore and globally.

Why Fleet Management Systems are Becoming Popular for Businesses in Singapore

Transportation in Singapore has developed quite rapidly over the last few years, and the Land Transport Authority envisions further advancements as the needs of Singaporeans grow. The Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040, which was introduced in 2019, aims to ensure the health and safety of commuters and create a safer, healthier and more liveable environment. 

In our dynamic world of business, efficiency and productivity usually takes top priority. However, with new agendas such as LTMP 2040, the fleet management climate in Singapore has evolved. Now and in the future, integrating your business objectives with concerns about fleet safety management, environment safety and convenient technology will be more beneficial. 

There are two key trends in fleet management in Singapore to take note of. Firstly, the technological advancements and secondly, a major sustainability focus. A fleet management system is one of the best ways to improve your business's productivity. And are quickly becoming indispensable tools.


Why are fleet management systems important for businesses

Getting a fleet management system prepares businesses for success, how else can you keep track of your vehicles, their condition and productivity? These are some of the benefits businesses with advanced fleet management systems identify:

  • Enhanced fleet efficiency - businesses with fleet management systems have the potential to optimise their process and increase their margins. With improved vehicle visibility and automated processes, fleet managers find that they are better able to streamline their workflow.
  • Extended vehicle lifespan - with a fleet management system managers can track their vehicle lifecycle, and receive notifications concerning maintenance. This helps them improve the longevity of their fleet, ensuring that they do not run down their vehicles and other assets.
  • Improved service delivery - for businesses providing services, a fleet management system can help them improve their customer satisfaction by speeding up their delivery. Managers use fleet management systems to quicken the process from buying to delivery for customers.
  • Improved driver safety - with fleet management systems that track driver behaviour and performance, drivers and fleet managers can work together to help drivers improve and avoid accidents or speed tickets.
  • Upgraded remote management - with advanced fleet management systems and GPS tracking, managers can track and manage their vehicles from anywhere.
  • Enhanced data-driven decision-making - with telematics, managers can respond accordingly to their business's challenges with informed insights.
  • Minimized costs - the cost of things like fuel, assets and maintenance can all be minimized with an efficient fleet management system. Managers can keep track of the fuel usage and the required maintenance of the vehicle, which helps them avoid unplanned costs.

Now that you know everything there is to know about one of the best fleet management solutions, let’s quickly make sure you’re one hundred per cent clued up on all the ins and outs of fleet management and its benefits so you can make an informed decision for your business.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management generally refers to the overall management of your vehicles such as bikes, cars, vans, trucks, buses and machinery for your business. With a fleet management system, you can effectively oversee your complete fleet operation from start to finish.

A few things fleet management includes:

  • Conducting and organizing fleet administration
  • Tracking vehicles to monitor task completion rates
  • Monitoring driver behaviour for safety and efficiency
  • Ensuring asset management for optimal utilisation of vehicle fleet
  • Ensuring timely vehicle maintenance for reliability and safety

Fleet managers have the task of not just managing vehicles and drivers. They also have to strategise on how to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive business growth to fulfil their business goals. 

By implementing one of the best fleet management systems in Singapore, businesses can reap the rewards of a well-managed fleet. Favourably achieving operational excellence, cost savings, and staying ahead of their competitors. But how do fleet management systems work?

Let’s break it down for you:

How a fleet management system works

A fleet management system helps businesses set up an efficient process of managing their vehicles and assets through management software. Here is how:

  1. GPS fleet management - A management software relies on a GPS tracking system for vehicles and assets. Through the tracking device fitted to your fleet, you gain full fleet visibility, in real-time.
  2. Web-based/cloud-based management software - business leaders can use two types of platforms to access the data on their fleet. The web-based software is accessible via a computer. Cloud-based software allows one to track their fleets from anywhere, at any time via a computer or mobile app.
  3. Unique to your industry - An all-in-one fleet management solution is customized to your specific industry and fits your fleet needs. This helps your fleet system to flow efficiently based on the information you input.
  4. Fleet size - Whether your business is a start-up with one vehicle or a larger business with hundreds of vehicles and other assets. A fleet management system works to help you keep track of all your fleet.

Great. So now you know what fleet management is and how a fleet management system works, But how do you choose the right fleet management software?

How to choose a good fleet management software

The trick with choosing a fleet management system for your business is, to get the most advanced technology through user-friendly software, that is specifically suited for your business needs. 

Ultimately, the software you choose should help your business succeed in the long term. Consider three important factors, the tech, the platform and your business.

  • The Tech

    Choose the fleet management software option with the most advanced tech and telematics. Telematics systems track vehicle or asset locations and provide all the data you need to make data-driven decisions about your fleet. But your software should be equipped with all the tech you need, such as geo-fencing, fuel management, asset tracking and GPS tracking, and live vision among other things.
  • The Platform

    Is the GPS fleet management system web-based or cloud-based? Cloud-based software allows you to track your fleet from anywhere, even if you do not have access to a desktop computer. But with a web-based platform, you are limited to an office, or access to a desktop computer. Based on the kind of business you have, you may want to choose a business that gives you both options.
  • Your business

    - The industry of the business
    - A fleet management software company can provide telematics for different kinds of businesses. Depending on the industry your business is in, you will want to choose the software that can help you excel in that industry.

    - The fleet size of the business
    - A startup company with a small fleet of 1 to 5 vehicles will likely need a simpler fleet management system compared to a mid-size business (of 5 to 20 vehicles) or a large enterprise (20 to 50+ vehicles) that will require more robust fleet management systems.

    - The needs of your business -
    What fleet challenges is your business experiencing? Your Fleet Management Solution should directly help you address these challenges. For example, if your biggest challenge is downtime on your machinery or vehicles due to unexpected breakdowns. Then your fleet management system should be able to monitor machine use and give maintenance notifications and fuel and mileage reports.

To demonstrate the kind of impact our fleet management solution can have on businesses, here’s a short case study on how Cartrack helped a business overcome the challenges with fleet management solutions.


Case Study: How Cartrack Elevated Island Concrete’s Fleet Operations

About Island Concrete:

Island Concrete Pte Ltd has been supplying customers with ready-mixed concrete since 1970. It is one of the oldest and largest ready-mixed concrete suppliers in Singapore today. It is equipped with more than 200 units of concrete mixer trucks and more than 25 cement tankers.

Main Challenge:

When Cartrack Singapore began working with Island Concrete they had three main challenges:

  1. They had no way of knowing exactly where their concrete mixers were at any given time
  2. They had no system in place to confirm when their mixers arrived or departed various job sites
  3. They could not assist customers during the delivery process

These challenges grossly affected their customer satisfaction and their business productivity, as they were limited in their efficiency.

How we helped them:

  • With Cartrack’s GPS tracking and mapping features, Island Concrete can see exactly where their mixers are en route, ensuring concrete is delivered on time to customers, and allowing them to quickly identify delays without having to call their drivers manually. If there are issues, they can check in with their drivers, resolve them and keep their customers updated throughout the delivery process. Cartrack's geofencing also helps them better manage and improve delivery times. Managers can set virtual boundaries around various delivery sites and receive alerts the moment their mixers enter or exit these areas – showing them if drivers arrive on time and deliveries are taking place accordingly.
  • The geofencing feature also equips managers with the information to view reports on daily vehicle activity so they can see if they are spending unusually long periods offloading cement. This also helps them see if the dispatch of cement is outside of the allocated geofences, which can indicate possible cement theft, as drivers could be offloading or selling cement on the side and not delivering it to customers.
  • Overall, customers can continue their operations more efficiently, thanks to Cartrack’s platform. Customers will receive their cement on time, allowing them to plan their activities on-site, such as having their mixers ready when the cement is delivered, so they can continue mixing the cement.

“We are extremely pleased that Cartrack’s Fleet Management gives us the fleet insights we need to ensure effective dispatch of ready-mixed concrete, that’s delivered on time” - Goh GJ, Senior Operation Manager | Island Concrete

Equip your business with the best fleet management system in Singapore

Cartrack Singapore offers an all-in-one fleet management system that is guaranteed to improve your fleet operation and gain a competitive advantage. 

Let’s strategise on the best solutions for your fleet’s vision. 

Contact Cartrack Singapore today here

Cartrack Singapore’s world-class technology makes it one of the leaders in the fleet management software market. Discover how this fleet management system can help your business vision of ultimate efficiency.