Gain insights into key data with our specialised sensors

Tailor our fleet management system to suit your business needs

Know everything about your vehicle

Our advanced data-tracking IoT devices ensure you have full visibility of all the layers within your business, at all times.

Driver ID tags

Keep track of your drivers and match them to trips, no matter which vehicle they are assigned to.

CAN Bus and OBD gateway

Get real-time vehicle diagnostics informing you about engine health, brake pads, oil, lights and more.

Cargo door monitoring

Detect the moment doors open and close, and get instant alerts of any unauthorised access to your cargo.

Seat pressure sensors

Know your vehicle’s occupancy rate at every point during a trip.

Power take-off

Know when your machinery is being used and differentiate between productive and unproductive idling.

Cement Mixer Sensor

Monitor the speed and direction of your cement truck’s drum rotation to ensure you always deliver a high standard of cement.

Temperature monitoring

Know your vehicle’s temperature at all times and get an audited-temperature report alerting you of any unwanted temperature changes.

Panic button

In the event of an emergency or compromising situation, your drivers can push a button to connect with fleet managers instantly.

Fuel monitoring

Know your vehicle’s fuel levels in real-time and track all fuel consumption and refills.

Taxi metre

Know the status of your taxis at all times and receive insights about rates, fares, distances travelled and waiting time.


Know when your vehicle’s lights or sirens are on throughout a trip