Fleet admin made easy

Digitalise your entire day-to-day operations on one cloud-based platform, improving communication between departments and making your admin process smoother.

Automate your daily operations

Automated predictive maintenance, real-time alerts for fuel-card fraud, instant reminders to renew any important contracts and smart reports, sent straight to your inbox.

All in one fleet tracking platform that allows real alert on driver location, driver behaviour and reduce costs with automated maintenance alerts
A screenshot of the Cartrack fleet solution with analytical data on how a vehicle can save 15% in fuel from a previous month in this paperless solution

No more manual data entries

Our seamless data integrations and smart algorithms automatically align your financial, administrative and operational tasks, helping you spend less time on tedious to-dos and more time implementing actionable insights.

All the information you need in one place

Get all your admin done without the hassle

Accessible from anywhere

Get all the latest information about your fleet from one platform, in real-time. Everything is captured digitally- no more paperwork.

One source of truth

As soon as any information is updated, everyone will have the latest version and you’ll be able to see who made the change.

Complete work faster

Have quick access to anything you need to complete your work such as payroll, client billing or communicating with customers.