Using your vehicle’s live GPS location, Cartrack works with local police in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to recover your car and ensure your vehicle and importantly your family is protected at all times

Keep your car safe with Cartrack's stolen vehicle recovery system

Protect your car today and travel worry-free knowing that you'll have the live GPS location of your car and our support team at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime

Cross-border vehicle security and recovery

Using your vehicle's live GPS location, we work with local police in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to recover your car and ensure your vehicle is protected at all times.

An image of our highly trained control room specialist who work with local authorities to recover the stolen vehicle in neighbouring countries

24/7 support everyday of the year

Our highly-trained teams in our control room work alongside local authorities to recover your stolen vehicle and are ready to support you whenever you may need them.

Detect any tampering on your tracking device

Our advanced fitment techniques ensure it is difficult for thieves to find our hidden IoT device. If we detect any device tampering, usually indicating theft, our control room will receive an alert immediately and contact you and local authorities directly.

A screenshot of Cartrack Carwatch showing telematics GPS tracking strip warning to detect any tracking device tampering to alert out control room. Cartrack will send you a real-time notification and contact local authorities directly to avoid your car being stolen.
A screenshot of Cartrack App showing CarWatch - an app solution that further assists in helping to detect and report unauthorised vehicle activity to help keep your car safe.

Get extra peace-of-mind with CarWatch

Activate CarWatch whenever you park your vehicle and the moment your ignition is turned on or your vehicle moves location without your authorisation, you will be alerted and contacted immediately.