One Of The Best GPS Car Tracker Devices In Singapore

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The GPS vehicle tracking market is flooded with options, making it difficult to ensure that you have the best tracking device. So how do you know you do?

Let’s get straight to it. The best GPS car tracker should do more than just track your vehicle, it should also offer you the best tracking solutions for your business.

After reading this blog, you’ll know exactly what the best GPS tracking device is for your business.

In this article, you will:

  • Learn what’s one of the best GPS car tracker devices in Singapore
  • Explore all the benefits of vehicle GPS tracking technology
  • Understand exactly how GPS tracking software can help your business
  • Discover why Cartrack’s tracking device and technology is best for your business

You’ve come here in search of one best GPS car-tracking devices and we don’t want to waste another business-second of your time.

What is one of the best GPS car tracker devices in Singapore?

Choosing the right tracking device can be challenging, we won’t let you keep guessing if you have the best GPS car tracker device or not. We’re the GPS vehicle tracking experts, because of our tech and the innovative business solutions we have developed for clients.

What makes Cartrack Singapore one of the best?

Headquartered in Singapore, Cartrack offers one of the best GPS car tracker devices in Singapore. It is a leading global Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” platform provider for businesses of all sizes needing software solutions for data analytics to optimise fleets, driver behaviour, insurance risk, safety and asset recovery.

Here are a few more characteristics that make Cartrack stand out from the rest:

  • Its Global Footprint - Cartrack has earned a global reputation over the years as one of the best telematics and vehicle tracking companies, with over 1,875,000 active subscribers and serving over 23 countries worldwide.
  • Its Quality Products - Cartrack offers a range of products like AI-powered cameras for driver behaviour monitoring, a delivery tool to optimes routes and jobs, a fuel tracking system to prevent fuel theft and much more.
  • Its Dedicated Customer Services - Cartrack doesn't leave its customers to fend for themselves, our 24-hour, dedicated customer support team is always ready to help our customers wherever they can.
  • Its Industry-leading solutions - Cartrack has worked with over 110,000 businesses offering fleet management solutions that have helped businesses increase productivity and efficiency.

Why should you choose Cartrtack?

Anyone can purchase a GPS car tracking device online, you can get one for as little as S$ 68.00, but that might not be the smartest thing.

Purchasing and fitting any old tracking device in your vehicle can limit you from reaping all the business benefits a device with a proven track record can give you. The best GPS vehicle tracking device gives you the best tracking solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.

Cartrack’s GPS tracking device offers you industry-leading tracking solutions. Our fleet telematics solutions can be uniquely tailored to fit the needs of your business, ensuring that you not only get the best car GPS device but also the best partner for your business. With our innovative use of technology, the benefits and solutions you get from choosing Cartrack are endless.

Over and above our advanced car tracking GPS software solutions, Cartack also offers businesses smart fleet management solutions that help you streamline your entire fleet operations. Below are a few ways our products and solutions can benefit all types of businesses: 

5 ways Cartrack's solutions can benefit your business:

  1. MiFleet: This is our easy-to-use cost management software tool. It helps you effectively monitor all your fleet-related costs. You gain a complete picture of your fleet’s running costs including scheduled vehicle maintenance and servicing, and ensure that there are no missed payments, fines or penalties. This software helps businesses improve fleet efficiency with preventative maintenance and reduce fleet running costs.
  2. AI camera solutions: Cartrack’s comprehensive AI camera solutions monitor driver behaviour to ensure their safety. Drivers receive audible alerts in real-time the moment speeding, yawning and cellphone use is detected. This allows them to quickly correct their actions, regain focus and prevent accidents and collisions. These AI cameras also help businesses reduce operational and maintenance costs and even resolve liability claims.
  3. Specialised sensors: You can use Cartrack’s specialised sensors in your vehicles to monitor specific events when drivers travel with cargo. Our temperature cargo monitoring sensors alert you when there are temperature fluctuations with your temperature-sensitive goods. Our cargo door sensors, alert you the moment your cargo doors open or close so you keep track of where your valuable goods are being loaded or offloaded, enhancing your cargo safety for your customers.
  4. Fuel monitoring solutions: Cartrack’s advanced fuel management system helps businesses save fuel costs. It accurately monitors your fuel consumption, automatically reviews all your fuel transactions and matches this with your vehicle data to detect fuel cost drainages like fuel theft. This allows businesses to pinpoint fuel wastages, solve them and save money.
  5. Cartrack Delivery: This delivery tool allows you and your customers to track cargo from dispatch to delivery. You can use this tool to track and manage job progress and monitor any workflow or delivery changes. You can also optimise routes based on time or job priority for quicker turnaround times, helping you maintain quality service and customer satisfaction.

Now that you know everything about one best car-tracking companies in the world. Let's dive into how their solutions have helped some of the challenges businesses face in the Asia and Singapore markets.


How Cartrack GPS tracking and fleet management solutions help fight in-transit theft:

Cartrack Singapore has been providing businesses with innovative solutions for nearly 30 years. There are always new challenges that businesses face. In-transit theft is one of them. It’s on the rise in South East Asia and our fleet management solutions can help businesses tackle this head-on.

In India, in 2022, thieves were working with drivers to steal the contents from a pharmaceutical supply truck. This resulted in major financial losses for this transport company, as thieves got away with over $118,000 worth of goods. 

It’s easy to keep your cargo goods safe in your warehouse but this becomes a lot more challenging when they're out on the road alone.

Here are a  few ways Cartrack's industry-leading fleet management system and asset-tracking technology help you monitor, manage and protect your goods on the move:

  • Geofencing tool: With this tool, fleet managers can set digital boundaries around areas the vehicles operate in and receive alerts when the vehicles enter or exit these areas. If there are certain areas where transit theft is more common, fleet managers can use the geofence tool to zone off these areas and be alerted if your driver enters these no-go zones, helping you monitor driver and cargo activity.
  • Cargo door sensors: These sensors alert the fleet manager when the trailer doors are opened. Working with our GPS tracking device, fleet managers will able to monitor where and when the cargo doors are opened. This will help reduce the possibility of in-transit theft and help fleet managers investigate matters quickly if there is a suspicion of cargo theft.
  • Tailgate sensors: These sensors are installed on the tailgate of your truck and can monitor where deliveries for their heavier cargo take place. These sensors can help a business protect their assets from in-transit theft as they will be alerted the moment there is any tailgate activity, allowing them to act fast if they suspect any suspicious behaviour.
  • Live Vision camera software: You can install Cartrack’s Live Vision cameras in the cabin, cargo or exterior areas of your vehicle. These cameras can live-stream footage and monitor driver behaviour, allowing fleet managers to keep real-time visuals on their drivers, vehicles and cargo, and if any suspicious activity occurs they can review the recorded footage to understand and prevent future events.

So, you know who one of the best car tracking companies in Singapore is but do you know all the ins and outs of vehicle tracking technology? Here's a quick crash course to ensure you're super well-informed.

What is a GPS car tracker?

Car tracking devices are a reliable technology that helps you locate, monitor and track your vehicles in real time. For example, you can track bikes, cars, trucks, boats equipment and even people. With this simple technology, businesses can gain live visibility of their vehicles at all times.

How does a GPS car tracker work?

There are three clear pieces of technology needed to make a tracking device work, namely Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Global Systems Monitor (GSM) and directional raid frequency to offer one of the best GPS car tracker devices. 

A tracking device relies on global positioning systems (GPS) to pinpoint a vehicle's location, speed, direction, time, and distance. It then communicates this information to a computer, smartphone, or tablet, facilitating the exchange of data between different devices.

Let’s unpack these three pieces of technology in a bit more detail:

1. GPS technology

When a GPS car tracker is fitted into a vehicle, satellites determine the location, direction, speed and time of your vehicle. This works because the device communicates with the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. It is possible to gather all your vehicle information and accurately calculate the location of your car. This is the same kind of technology used in your cellphone maps or in-car navigation system to get directions.

2. Cellular communication

After the GPS unit pinpoints the vehicle's location, it sends this information and additional data to a central server or device regularly. This communication occurs through cellular or satellite networks. The tracking unit is usually equipped with a SIM card or satellite communication module to ensure quicker data transmission, you can receive this data at different rates, depending on settings.

3. Servers

The information gathered by the tracking unit undergoes processing and is stored either on a server or in a cloud platform. Accessible through a website or mobile application, users can view details such as the latest car location, odometer reading, last trip duration, and more.


What are the benefits of a tracking device?

A GPS vehicle tracking device is an extremely useful piece of technology to accurately track your vehicle’s whereabouts. Although it is quite a simple bit of software, it is impressively reliable and efficient. Here are some of the benefits of using a GPS vehicle tracking system:

  • It helps you keep track of where your vehicle is at all times
  • It helps boost vehicle security with live tracking and trip detail info
  • It helps increase the likeliness of recovering a vehicle if stolen
  • It helps lower your vehicle insurance premiums
  • It helps improve driver habits with access to driver behaviour information

Knowledge is power. Ready to choose to equip your business with nothing but the best?

Partner up with the GPS vehicle tracking experts

Our industry-leading technology makes Cartrack one of the best GPS car tracking companies for your business. Tackle any of your fleet challenges with our advanced tracking and fleet management solutions. 

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