Why Fleet Technology Is the Best Decision for Boosting Your Waste Management Company

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When thinking about fleet-related businesses, waste management is generally not the first that comes to mind.

However, with an admirable persistence towards increased sustainability, Singapore’s waste management companies need equally intelligent business support to meet these requirements and optimise the way they run daily operations. 

Discover how a smart fleet management system can help transform waste management operations and skyrocket business success.

In this article, you will:

  • Learn about the relationship between fleet management and waste management
  • Discover the benefits of Cartrack’s fleet management system for waste management
  • Understand Singapore’s sustainable waste management strategies
  • Find out how Singapore’s upping their game with innovative waste management tools
  • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about waste management

The integral relationship between fleet management in the waste management process

The Singaporean waste management system is focused on sustainability and environmental health and includes recycling, waste-to-energy initiatives, and strict landfill management. The process waste management companies follow to collect, process, and dispose of waste rests heavily on fleet use, making fleet management an integral part of the entire process. Here’s a breakdown of the waste management process and the role fleet management plays in each one:


Effective waste collection is crucial to make sure drivers are as productive as possible during their shifts and that work is done in an orderly, efficient way. Some of the most important components of a fleet management system linked to waste collection include:

  • Route planning
  • Task ordering
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver behaviour monitoring


Reliable transport means you need to monitor your waste management vehicles’ health regularly and make sure that maintenance and repairs are done proactively. Waste cargo should also be monitored to ensure it reaches its destination untampered. Fleet management provides the following tools:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Scheduled maintenance reports
  • Camera technology
  • Fuel monitoring

Incineration, Disposal, and Recycling

The equipment you use for waste treatment, recycling, and disposal may not be an integral part of your fleet, but there are fleet management tools that help ensure your equipment is being used productively during shifts. Solutions include:


Why Cartrack’s fleet technology is the best decision for boosting your waste management company

With an all-in-one solution that was developed with the focus on quality and useability, Cartrack’s multifaceted fleet management platform offers you a whole new world of fleet management tools for your waste management business. Take a look.

Driver behaviour monitoring

The benefits:

Similar to other fleets, waste management fleet drivers need to adhere to road rules and regulations to ensure that you, as a fleet manager or waste management business owner, do your part in staying compliant and promoting safe driving practices.

Monitoring how your drivers behave behind the wheel has many benefits for your business, like helping you stay on the right side of the law, offering ROI optimisation potential by identifying pricey fuel-wasting driving habits, and helping your fleet avoid potentially devastating road accidents.

Why you need Cartrack:

Our fleet management technology is designed to check a range of driver behaviours using telematics devices and compatible software. It tracks and analyses a vehicle’s location and speed, as well as sharp cornering, sudden acceleration, and harsh braking. With its ability to detect behavioural patterns, you have instant access to driver behaviour reports that allow you to pinpoint behavioural issues and address them through customised driving trainer programmes.

Visual driver behaviour monitoring

The benefits:

While curbing harsh braking and other risky driver behaviours is a massive step in the right direction for fleet safety and compliance, you can take it one step further by adding smart visual monitoring technology. It’s important to remember that risky driver behaviour also extends to focus and distraction levels whilst driving and that these can also cause accidents, increased fuel usage, and unnecessary run-ins with the law. 

AI-powered technology allows cameras to pick up on risky behaviours like fatigue, boosting your ability to protect your fleet and profits even more.  

Why you need Cartrack:

Cartrack’s AI SmartCabin cameras allow uninterrupted audio and video live streaming, so you can check in on your drivers at any time and retrieve stored footage if necessary. Advanced AI technology also auto-detects risky driver behaviours like smoking, unauthorised phone use, yawning, and any attempts to cover the camera. This AI-powered visual solution is designed to help drivers correct their behaviour proactively by sending instant, audible notifications upon detection. 

Proactive route planning

The benefits:

In the waste management industry, task planning and optimisation are crucial to make sure every shift is as productive as possible. Picking up and dropping off as much waste as possible within a single shift requires fleet managers to plan ahead and make sure drivers are using the fastest and most productive routes to complete their tasks.

An advanced route planning tool helps you stay in the fast lane with optimised task completion, allowing you to tick significantly more things off your fleet’s to-do list in much less time.   

Why you need Cartrack:

Our route-planning tool lets your drivers start and end their shifts, knowing exactly where to go, how to get there, and how to achieve more in less time. Conveniently accessible on our user-friendly fleet management platform, Cartrack allows you to start every day with confidence, knowing that your drivers know what to do and are doing more in less time.

Reporting & regulatory compliance

The benefits:

If you manage a fleet that uses Singaporean roads daily, it's highly recommended that you have a digitised administrative tool to help you stay on track with reports and compliance. With the ability to file registration and licensing documents and other compliance-related information while activating important license renewal notifications, a digitised administrative platform helps you stay on top of LTA regulatory requirements, make sure waste transport vehicles are in peak condition by setting and receiving maintenance scheduling notifications and staying on top of fuel expenses with a fuel cost validation tool. 

Why you need Cartrack: 

Not only does Cartrack’s MiFleet cost management system help you automate your daily fleet management operations, but it’s also conveniently available on Cartrack’s fleet management platform, so you can manage your admin and your fleet all in one place. Stay on top of your admin and fuel consumption and receive important notifications while enjoying real-time fleet visibility on our innovative platform.

Revolutionise your waste management business’s operational efficiency with Cartrack

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With waste management operations comes responsibilities: Singapore’s sustainable waste management strategies

While waste management businesses do operate in the private sector, the government and public sectors also play important roles in ensuring responsible and sustainable waste disposal

One of the most important role players is the National Environment Agency or NEA, which is responsible for planning, developing, and overseeing the country’s general and hazardous waste management systems. Supported by the NEA, Singapore adopted these strategies to maintain a more sustainable waste management system:

  • Reduce and reuse: Avoid overconsumption and encourage efficient resource use.
  • Recycle: Reclaim valuable materials from waste to turn into new resources using sustainable recycling methods.
  • Waste treatment: Develop and use cutting-edge technology for efficient energy recovery and to minimise land-take.
  • Landfill and ash management: Maximise landfill lifespan and recycle ash residue into new resources.

This sustainable, tech-based approach to renewing waste integrates well with Singapore’s digitalised governance system.

Standout initiatives for responsible waste management in Singapore

As one of the most technologically innovative countries globally, here are some of the most mind-blowing waste management initiatives that help drive sustainability and stands as an example to countries worldwide:

  1. Reverse Vending Machines

    This smart initiative by the NEA and Fraser & Neave is aimed at encouraging citizens to engage in a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle by making recycling easy and convenient. Anyone can recycle aluminium or plastic drinks containers by depositing them into their closest Reverse Vending Machine or RVM.
  2. Mandatory waste reporting

    Mandatory waste reporting is enforced by the Environmental Public Health Act (EPHA) after an amendment on 1 April 2014. Companies now need to submit waste data reports that include a waste report, waste reduction plan and progress update, and an endorsement letter from the Chief Executive or an equivalent.
  3. Donation, resale, and repair channels

    To make sure clothes and household items you no longer need don’t end up in a landfill, specific channels exist to ensure these items are repurposed. If the items you want to dispose of are in a good condition or they can be repaired, there are a range of channels you can use. Here is a list of items eligible for donation, resale, and repair:

    - Baby and children’s items
    - Books and stationery
    - Bags, shoes, and accessories
    - Clothing
    - Furniture and other household items
    - Electronic and electrical equipment
    - Food

Singapore offers many ways to responsibly dispose of waste and unused items, with many of them groundbreaking and surprisingly innovative.

Get the answers to crucial waste management FAQs

The benefits can transform how you run your fleet operations depending on what the fleet management system offers. Fleet management products with comprehensive features allow businesses to live-track their fleet vehicles, while integration with IoT devices and specialised sensors allows them to gather valuable data about trips, driver behaviour, vehicle health, and fuel consumption. If you’re using a quality fleet management system, you can track your fleet, spot profit drainages, stay on track with vehicle maintenance and compliance, and improve workplace safety using one tool.

If you run a business based in the logistics, delivery, cold-chain logistics, mining, or retail industries to name a few, fleet longevity and health lies at the heart of your business success. With so many components linked to fleet management, including safety, compliance, employee retention, and business profits, using proper fleet management tools and putting solid operational foundations in place is crucial for your business’s success. The better your fleet management practices, the more benefits you’ll get in the long and short term.

Technology is the heart and soul of fleet management systems in the digitalised era. With the intelligent combination of GPS tracking, telematics, and IoT, along with other optional features like specialised sensors and cameras, technology has revolutionised the way we can do fleet management today, making it simple, effective, and essential for improving any waste management operations.

Imagine a car having to run without wheels. That’s exactly what fleet management does for a fleet-based business’s productivity; it enables movement. By applying fleet management best practices, you can optimise your fleet’s productivity, helping your “car” not only move but move faster and on a route towards business success. With modern fleet management tools helping business owners keep track of vehicle maintenance, administration, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and more, fleet management systems provide a multi-faceted approach that covers all your bases and allows skyrocketing productivity.

Contact Cartrack today and discover why our fleet management technology is the best decision to boost your waste management business.

Stop wasting your time with useless fleet management tools & discover how to skyrocket your waste management business success.