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Businesses’s in Singapore today are looking for solutions to manage and combat rising running costs, fleet efficiency, unproductivity, fuel wastage, and driver safety.

There are so many fleet management software products on the market and it is becoming imperative for business survival to have one. But only a few businesses truly know how to unlock this software’s full power and potential.

We’ll show you how to use fleet management software to make smarter more sustainable decisions for business.

Ready to reign in the power?

In this article, you will:

  • Find out what smart fleet management is
  • Understand how fleet management software can improve your fleet management
  • Know the benefits of fleet management software for businesses
  • Uncover Cartrack’s fleet management software
  • Learn how Cartrack’s software boosts fleet decision making, efficiently, productivity and safety.

What does fleet management software do?

Fleet management software is designed to help businesses and organisations manage their fleet vehicles and equipment through a centralised platform that integrates intelligent data from vehicle telematics, GPS tracking and other fleet performance analytics and tools. 

It goes beyond fleet vehicle tracking with GPS. It aims to help businesses run the most efficient fleet operation to ensure profitability and efficiency. 

Put simply, fleet management software is designed to equip businesses with all the information they need to manage their fleet to its full potential. 

How fleet management software works

In the past fleet managers would manually conduct and organise their fleet operations, but thanks to fleet management software, fleet management is no longer a big guessing game.

The software gives AI-powered fleet insights that allow managers to track all the moving parts of their fleet operations, vehicles, fuel usage, driver behaviour, delivery progress and maintenance needs of vehicles in real-time. 

The platform first collects and analyses data from vehicles using GPS and vehicle diagnostics, driver information, routes and fleet operation costs.

Secondly, it provides real-time insights on everything from location and fuel use to driver behaviour and maintenance needs.

Thirdly, using cloud-based and web-based platforms the real-time insights are recorded and stored so fleet managers can remotely access and export historical data on their fleet's performance.

Here are the key features of fleet management software, and how they work:


7 Key features of fleet management software

  1. GPS tracking: provides real-time insights on vehicle location and tracks driver activity for accurate monitoring.
  2. Fuel management: monitors fuel consumption and helps managers identify fuel inefficiencies to reduce costs.
  3. Alerts and notifications: notify managers about critical events such as maintenance needs, unauthorised vehicle usage and deviations from planned routes by drivers.
  4. Driver performance and behaviour: monitors driver behaviour, provides performance reports and metrics and supports strategies for improving driver safety.
  5. Fleet maintenance: tracks your vehicle maintenance schedules, identifies issues with vehicles and helps you plan a fleet maintenance schedule to avoid any vehicle downtime.
  6. Trips and mileage: calculates and tracks vehicle mileage, and assists with reports for tax filing and cost management.
  7. Digital processes: allows for electronic document management, including receipts, reports, signatures, and proof of delivery.

Now that you know what fleet management software is, and how it works. Do you know how fleet management software has transformed businesses in Singapore over the years?

How fleet management software has transformed businesses in Singapore

Singapore's fleet management scene has undergone a dramatic shift. Initially, the available software was primarily focused on providing basic vehicle tracking. Today, AI-powered software unlocks a world of fleet efficiency.

Fleet management software is helping businesses implement sustainable business practices. Over the years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability initiatives in Singapore, such as the introduction of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. With initiatives that focus on reducing carbon footprint, promoting green energy solutions and shifting to electric vehicles, the enthusiastic adoption of fleet management software has helped businesses transform their fleet operation to more sustainable practices.

Ready to start making powerful smart decisions using fleet management software, but worried about finding the right fit for your business?

You’re right, a one-size fleet management solution can never work. So have a look at this quick guide to find the best fit for your business.

Quick guide to find the perfect fleet management fit for your business

Here are 5 key questions to guide your search:

  1. Does the software easily integrate with your existing systems?
    It's important that the fleet management software you get for your business can help you keep track of the various vehicle types and machinery in your fleet.
  2. Does the software cater to your industry's specific challenges?
    Different industries have unique challenges and needs, so getting software that will help you address specific industry challenges is important. So the fleet management needs in the logistics, construction and service industries are all unique.
  3. Does the software use accurate real-time insights?
    The power of your software is in its ability to give real-time insights accurately, can the software track key metrics like speed, location and idling? Does the system provide driver reports and vehicle diagnostics so fleet managers can be empowered?
  4. Does the software scale with your business growth?
    A small business today, can be a global leading business tomorrow. The perfect fleet management software should easily scale with you as your business and fleet expands.
  5. Is the software user-friendly?
    Software technology changes all the time, and getting user-friendly interfaces ensures that new managers, drivers and admins can easily work with your software without a steep learning curve.

We won’t waste another business-second of your time. You’ve come here in search of a solution on how your new or expanding business can use fleet management software to make smarter decisions for your fleet, so let’s get to it.

Here’s how to successfully manage your fleet by partnering with Cartrack Singapore.

Cartrack Singapore:  Fleet management software

Headquartered in Singapore, Cartrack isn't just a GPS tracking company - it's a global partner in intelligent fleet management, delivering proven solutions to businesses as a leading Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” platform provider.

With over 110,000 businesses benefiting from our solutions in 23 countries, we have the experience and track record to help businesses reign in the power of our fleet management software to:

Get data-driven insights: Go beyond basic tracking with our advanced platform that analyses driver behaviour, fuel efficiency and more. Optimise your fleet operations and improve driver safety and efficiency.

Seamlessly integrate other tools:  Choose from AI-powered in-cabin cameras, integrated sensors, route optimisation tools for faster deliveries, and advanced fuel tracking to prevent fuel theft or waste. We have the right solution for your needs.

Have access to 24/7 support: Our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist you, wherever you are in the world. Whether you require a demo of our fleet management software or other support assistance.

By partnering with us, you get to move beyond location tracking with Cartrack’s leading fleet management solutions.


How Cartrack’s real-time insights help with smart decision-making

Imagine a real-time map depicting your fleet vehicle's every stop, expressway travelled, detour, current location, speed, and even vehicle capacity. With real-time visibility, fleet managers get an instant overview of their fleet activity. But what can they achieve with such insights?

Here are some ideas:

Using historical analysis

With information on driver performance and vehicle activity, fleet managers can also get insights into historical activity regarding their fleet. Historical data can help them uncover trends and patterns with their fleet and drivers. Helping them analyse fuel consumption across different routes, identify peak driver activity periods or pinpoint areas for route optimisation. 

These historical insights inform smart decisions like:

  • Fuel efficiency strategies
  • Shift scheduling
  • Maintenance planning

Scheduling Predictive maintenance

Fleet managers can move from reactive repairs to proactive vehicle breakdown prevention. Analyse sensor data and engine diagnostics to predict potential equipment failures before they occur. By scheduling maintenance on their fleet vehicle they can:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Extend vehicle lifespan
  • Save on costly repairs

Driver behaviour monitoring

Understanding how individual drivers operate your vehicles and equipment when they are on the road is essential for fleet management. By analysing factors like speeding, harsh braking, and idling time fleet managers can leverage these insights to coach drivers on safer and sustainable driving habits. Fleet managers can monitor driver behaviour to:

  • Compare individual driver performance against benchmarks or historical averages
  • Identify top performers and areas for improvement within the team
  • Incentivise drivers for performance

Using real-time insights fleet managers are empowered and can make smart decisions for their fleet.

How Cartrack’s fleet management software helps businesses improve fleet efficiency

Imagine, a bakery owner with a growing fleet of delivery vans. The owner uses light goods vehicles (LGVs), a popular vehicle type used for deliveries in Singapore. The bakery orders from customers are multiplying, and so are the owner's headaches, from trying to manage deliveries, rising fuel costs and complaints from delivery drivers.

The convenience of delivery has advanced so much these days that you can just about get anything delivered to your doorstep and in some cases even on the same day. For a bakery owner, or any other business that relies on successful delivery for profits, the delivery fleet must operate efficiently.

Fleet efficiency is the only way to measure whether your fleet operations are profitable or costing you way more than they should. Whether you have a fleet of 10 vehicles or 10 000 vehicles the aim for your business should be to improve and maximise your fleet’s efficient practices.

Here’s how fleet management software can help you improve and maximise some key components to ensure your fleet is operating efficiently:

Reducing fleet fuel costs

Keep up with your vehicle fleet’s fuel consumption through cost management. Fleet managers can identify areas to reduce fleet fuel costs and implement eco-driving practices. Fuel management solutions can seamlessly integrate with Cartrack’s fleet management software. So managers can:

  • Eliminate fuel theft to ensure every drop goes towards productive miles on your vehicle
  • Identify fuel-wasting driving practices from drivers that are costing you money
  • Track fuel consumption and implement better driving practices

By simply ditching inefficient routes and using AI-powered planning, fleet managers can improve their fleet’s efficiency.

Utilising route planning and optimising tools

Whether your business is in the construction industry, or the transportation industry using the fastest most fuel-efficient routes will save you time and money. Fleet management software can help you plan multiple stops and complete a complex delivery and pick-up process with ease using route planning and optimising tools. Cartrack Delivery makes route planning easy for managers so they can:

  • Minimise backtracking and wasted time with automated route planning
  • Manage drivers to ensure there are no unauthorised detours or deviations
  • Select the most efficient route using route optimisation, taking into account historical information about specific routes, common congestion times and other factors

Reduce unauthorised vehicle and equipment usage

Real-time tracking helps managers monitor their fleet vehicle location and activity 24/7. Did you know the overuse and unauthorised operating of your fleet vehicle contributes to its wear and tear? Not only that, but if this activity takes place when your vehicle should be working for your business's profits it’s instantly also costing you money.

With fleet management software, you can receive real-time alerts that notify managers about idling vehicles, unauthorised detours, or potential breakdowns, allowing immediate intervention and corrective action from the driver or manager. Managers can get:

  • Instant alerts on unauthorised use
  • Detailed reports on vehicle usage and activity
  • Driver ID tags to detect unauthorised vehicle use


How Cartrack’s fleet management software helps businesses  increase driver productivity and safety

Fleet management software isn't just about vehicles - it's about people too. By empowering drivers with the right tools and support, businesses can see a significant boost in both productivity and safety. 

Imagine the daily challenge for fleet managers or construction managers who are responsible for delivering heavy machinery and large construction materials. Their biggest challenge is ensuring that their workers and drivers on site are safe and productive. Things like late deliveries of materials, frustrated drivers, and the constant fear of accidents can turn a construction project into a nightmare.

Here’s where fleet management software enters, this software can help businesses:

Eliminate ‘blind spots’

The real-time insights from the software provide a constant and centralised view of all vehicles, their location, speed, and status, eliminating any guesswork. With the addition of tools such as SmartCabin cameras and sensors, fleet managers can eliminate blind spots by remotely travelling with their driver and cargo on every route. Your business can benefit from:

  • Two-way communication so drivers can easily communicate with dispatchers or managers for clarification, reporting issues, or when seeking assistance
  • Eliminating paper trails and paperwork hassles with electronic forms, signatures, and proof of delivery.
  • Drivers feel more connected and supported, knowing their location and performance are monitored responsibly and accurately.

Implement smart and fast dispatching

Dispatchers can easily assign the closest available vehicle to new tasks, optimising resource allocation and response times. Fleet managers can optimise the software for workload management, so they can allocate tasks based on driver skills, vehicle capabilities, and location, ensuring the right resources are assigned to each job. Here’s how this transforms your business:

  • Dispatchers can instantly identify the closest available vehicle for any new task thanks to real-time tracking
  • Eliminate guesswork by matching drivers to each job, ensuring the right resources are always allocated and utilised effectively.
  • Enhance customer service with faster response times from your driver or workers.
  • Efficient task allocation translates to happier customers who receive timely service or deliveries.

Promote driver safety

Protecting your team on the road isn't just a responsibility. It is one of the smartest investments you can make. Fleet management software helps you prioritise driver safety, reduce accidents and create a culture of responsibility amongst drivers.

Cartrack’s SmartCabin AI cameras can seamlessly integrate with your fleet management software. The advanced features and tools which can help your drivers through in-cab audible alerts for drivers. These cameras detect driver fatigue and monitor alertness levels. If the driver appears to be drowsy, dosing off or distracted by phone usage, they will receive an instant audible alert to help them correct behaviour. This can help your drivers avoid serious accidents from distracted or dangerous driving habits.

Here are some ways you can use the software to make powerful smart decisions for driver safety:

  • Curb unsafe driving: managers can quickly address harsh braking, speeding, and other risky behaviours using driver reports from Fleet Pages
  • Prevent accidents through vehicle maintenance: with predictive maintenance scheduling managers can avoid mechanical issues. Regular maintenance prevents minor issues from turning into major safety hazards for your drivers and fleet on the road.
  • Reduce driver fatigue: by optimising routes and using smart methods for task management, you can reduce driver fatigue which is a major contributor to car accidents.

Make more powerful smarter decisions for your fleet with Cartrack Singapore

Cartrack’s fleet management software empowers fleet managers and businesses with smarter decision-making for greater efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Ready to reign in all the power of this software? Contact us for a demo here.

Explore smart fleet management software for efficient, safe, and productive operations. Make smarter decisions for your fleet today!