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GPS vehicle trackers are a brilliant technology that can help fleet managers gain visibility of their fleet and use actionable insights to increase fleet productivity and efficiency.

To ensure you do not experience the shortfalls of GPS such as location inaccuracy, battery-life problems or passive fleet tracking, then you need to get an effective GPS tracking device that is tailored to your fleet’s needs. 

You’ve come here to get the best GPS tracker in Singapore so let’s not waste another second of your time.

In this article, you will:

  • Know what is the best GPS tracking device in Singapore for your fleet
  • Gain insights into what makes Cartrack Singapore one of the best GPS vehicle trackers
  • Understand how Cartrack’s GPS trackers benefit different industries in Singapore

What is the best GPS tracker in Singapore for your fleet?

Cartrack Singapore has a global reputation for its telematics, GPS and cloud-based tracking. Our AI-powered fleet management software provides fleet managers with real-time fleet visibility. They get insights into vehicle and driver performance so that they can be proactive about vehicle maintenance and driver productivity, to ensure their business's success. 

Sound just like something your business needs? Then you’ll love these facts about Cartrack Singapore GPS tracker and fleet solutions.

Accurate fleet visibility

Having clear and real-time information on the location status and performance of your vehicles within your fleet is like a superpower for any business. This visibility is best achieved through Cartrack’s GPS tracking unit that is installed in each vehicle. The GPS trackers transmit data from the vehicle to one fleet system, so managers can keep an eye on their fleet wherever it is. 

For example, using geofencing, fleet managers can set up digital boundaries around areas their vehicles operate in and receive notifications when the driver enters or exits the area. Geofencing allows fleet managers to zone off areas and help them keep tabs on drivers and cargo.

Expert fleet management solutions

No matter what fleet management challenges your business experience or what industry your business is in, Cartrack Singapore can provide expert fleet management solutions tailored to your specific fleet needs. We use our GPS tech in just about every industry around the globe.

Our fleet management system is integrated with two other software, MiFleet a cost-management software and Cartrack Delivery/Field Service, a delivery and field service management software. These two software solutions digitise business processes so businesses can ditch the paperwork. MiFleet for example, helps you monitor and keep up with all fleet-related costs, such as maintenance, scheduling maintenance, and paying toll fines and penalties. 

Cartrack delivery/ field services help businesses improve their delivery/task management. They can now track drivers and cargo from dispatch to delivery or track job progress, resulting in quicker task completion, more efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Advanced driver and cargo safety solutions

Fleet managers working with our GPS know exactly what is happening with their fleet when it’s out on the road. The addition of tech solutions such as in-cabin AI cameras, specialised sensors and other driver performance monitoring tools means managers travel with their drivers and cargo every time.

Cartrack's AI camera solutions monitor driver behaviour to ensure safety. They give audible alerts in real-time when speeding, yawning, or using a cell phone is detected.

Cartrack’s specialised sensors can monitor specific events when drivers travel with cargo, such as temperature changes in temperature-sensitive cargo. By keeping track of your valuable goods as they are loaded or offloaded, your cargo door sensors enhance your cargo safety for customers by alerting you the moment your cargo door opens or closes.

Beneficial fuel management solutions

One of the major money drainages for fleet managers is their fuel consumption, well Cartrack Singapore has helped businesses across the world lower their fuel consumption, cut fuel costs and avoid fuel theft with superior fuel management solutions. 

Cartrack’s advanced fuel management system helps businesses save fuel costs. It accurately monitors your fuel consumption, automatically reviews all your fuel transactions and matches this with your vehicle data to detect fuel cost drainages like fuel theft. This allows businesses to pinpoint fuel wastages, solve them and save money.


4 types of industries that can benefit from Cartrack’s GPS technology and fleet solutions

Every fleet is unique, so your fleet management solutions should be too. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all fleet management system to businesses.

Take a look at how we have partnered up with and helped businesses in various types of industries:

1. Transportation and logistics

The logistics industry is one of the fastest growing and major contributors to our economy, businesses responsible for the movement of goods whether by land, air and sea benefit a lot from having an effective GPS tracker and fleet management system. This vast industry involves various activities such as distribution from warehouses, and freight forwarding for international shipments. 

With all the activities involved when it comes to transportation and logistics, there are also plenty of challenges for fleet managers.

Major challenges such as:

  • Lack of real-time insights: This contributes to the inability of managers to respond quickly to changing situations such as traffic, and delays for fleet which limits proactive management.
  • Cargo security: Any theft or damage to goods can result in significant losses and reputational damage for businesses.
  • Cost control: fuel expenses, inefficient routes, unexpected vehicle downtime and poor vehicle maintenance can all get out of hand even for the best fleet managers.

With an advanced fleet management system Cartrack streamlines operations and makes it possible for businesses to grapple with these challenges. 

Fleet managers get real-time visibility on their fleet, drivers and cargo with GPS tracking on vehicles, trailers and other assets. With insights into driver and vehicle performance, they can intervene immediately and organise training for drivers to improve their driving behaviours, and schedule any vehicle maintenance needs for their fleet. 

With Cartrack’s GPS vehicle tracking technology, businesses can expect benefits such as improved productivity and operational efficiency, improved driver safety and enhanced customer relationships.

Case study: RichLand Logistics boost efficiency with Cartrack Singapore

RichLand Logistics is one of the leading logistics providers in Southeast Asia that serves diverse industries including technology, petrochemicals, consumer goods, manufacturing and oil. All in all, they handle over 40,000 deliveries a month. 

Before they partnered up with Cartrack Singapore they struggled to maintain on-time deliveries, reduce overall fleet costs, and battled to increase their productivity and efficiency across their large and diverse fleets. The introduction of Cartrack’s fleet management system resulted in improved on-time deliveries, productivity and reduced operational costs.

Here’s how:

Getting on-time deliveries: The Geofencing tool helped fleet managers set virtual boundaries around dispatch and delivery zones so they could know when drivers reach delivery points. If there are any delays, managers can contact drivers to find out why and communicate delays with customers. 

Enhance productivity and driver accountability: Through the system fleet managers can pinpoint problematic driver behaviour, such as deviating from delivery routes, using inefficient routes or idling for too long. These behaviours could be causing late delivery or wearing out fleet vehicles and causing inefficiencies. Richland uses these reports to encourage driver accountability about their performance, and better improve business productivity. They could also coach drivers to improve their driving behaviour.

Reducing operation costs: Cartrack’s onboard fuel sensors can detect fuel consumption per vehicle and identify fuel-wasting activities such as idling and speeding by drivers. Fleet managers can measure the l/km per vehicle and this helps them see where abnormal fuel cost leakages are happening so they can address and reduce them

“Cartrack's fleet management system provides us with automatic updates on fleet information that helps us make intelligent business decisions to decrease operational costs and maintain our service levels”  - Frankie Koh, Head QHSSE, Fleet Management and Procurement, RichLand Logistics

2. Rental and Leasing

The vehicle leasing and renting industry in Singapore is steadily growing due to issues like the rise of car ownership costs including high taxes, limited parking space in the city and a growing preference for flexibility and convenient transportation options, like car sharing or public transportation. An increased awareness of environmental sustainability also contributes to this.  

Companies offering long-term leases or short-term rentals will experience several challenges such as:

  • High maintenance costs - Balancing vehicle acquisition costs, maintenance expenses, insurance and safety can easily get out of control for your business. When renting out or leasing vehicles you also have to keep up with vehicle maintenance needs and minimise downtime on fleet vehicles to keep up with the growing customer demand.
  • Vehicle usage and accurate billing - With insights on daily vehicle usage and reports, as well as information about driver activity such as speeding, or crashes, you can bill the customers more accurately for any extra costs or damages to your vehicles.
  • Regulatory compliance - Owning multiple vehicles means all the rates, taxes and other ownership costs involved fall on the business. Non-compliance with any road taxes etc. can lead to hefty fines and reputational damage. But how can managers keep up with the different payments necessary for each vehicle in their fleet?

By getting Cartrack Singapore’s GPS technology fitted in your fleet vehicles, your business can easily combat these challenges. Managers get real-time alerts and other information on the vehicle's performance whenever it is on the road. Alerts for engine faults, oil changes and other vehicle problems. It is also easy for managers to schedule vehicle services, maintenance and performance checkups. 

Cartrack’s vehicle start prevention technology is a great way for rental and leasing businesses to help prevent customers who have missed payments but have not returned your vehicle, from using your vehicle without paying you. 

Cartrack’s MiFleet system is an easy-to-use administrative and vehicle cost accounting software that efficiently manages your fleet and related operating costs. Managers can now keep up with fleet-related costs like toll payments, cost of vehicle services, fuel costs and other fines or notices issued to the vehicle/driver. With these software-as-a-service features, your business can benefit by increasing its fleet vehicles' lifespan, keeping up with all the costs associated with your vehicles, and ensuring your compliance with regulations. 

Here’s an example of how Cartrack helped a rental company in Southeast Asia overcome its business challenges:

Case study: Agungrent Car Rental accelerates cost savings with Cartrack Singapore

Agungrent Car Rental provides transportation rentals and driver services to individuals and businesses in Indonesia. They are one of the leading companies providing this service in the country with a fleet of over 6,000 vehicles. They strive to be the best partner for businesses and individuals through quality services, ensuring safety and comfort as well as reliability. 

As their business grew, it experienced difficulty with managing fleet inventory and reducing running costs. They were looking for an all-in-one system to help them monitor their vehicle rental usage, track different vehicle data, as well as help them manage and reduce overall fleet costs. 

Here’s how Cartrack helped them: 

Accurately monitor vehicle usage: Using Cartrack’s GPS and fleet management system, they can thoroughly monitor the utilisation of their vehicles when rented out. This helps with more accurate billing for the vehicles. When renting out vehicles they use fuel sensors to monitor the fuel levels in their vehicles and understand their fuel usage trends. By decreasing fuel-wasting habits such as idling and accelerating too much, they were able to increase fuel efficiency by 30%. 

Vehicle and Driver Safety:  Their vehicle safety can be managed through driver safety reports that send alerts on events such as speeding, harsh braking and turning. This helps them encourage driver accountability and manage their driver services to ensure safety and set rules for misuse of their vehicles.

Mr. Edi Cahyono, Operations Manager at  PT Agung Solusi Trans (Agungrent) said this: 

Cartrack is a GPS service global provider which offers many features that are very capable and user-friendly, also offers competitive price tailored to our needs.

3. Construction

Whether your business is involved in large-scale infrastructure projects of roads, bridges and other civil construction or if it’s involved in residential developments. Even if your business is only renting out construction equipment to businesses in this industry. Embracing the technology of a GPS tracking unit can empower your business to tackle challenges like:

  • Safety concerns - Construction sites are inherently dangerous, and vehicle operation plays a significant role. Ensuring safe driving practices and preventing accidents requires proactive monitoring and driver management.
  • Managing a diverse and dispersed fleet - These companies often manage a wide range of vehicles, from heavy machinery (excavators, cranes) to trucks, vans, and personal vehicles. These assets are frequently spread across multiple sites, making real-time visibility and control difficult.
  • Vehicle/equipment downtime - Equipment breakdowns can cause costly delays and disrupt project schedules. This downtime from a vehicle not being used means losses for your business.

There are so many elements involved including vehicle maintenance, driver safety, and machine utilisation reports when it comes to this industry. Cartrack Singapore has come up with innovative fleet management solutions perfect for you. 

Firstly, with GPS tech and the geofencing tool on the fleet management system, you can ensure that the construction equipment you rent out does not move from the site. This means you can ensure that nobody uses your equipment for personal use without your knowledge. In addition to this, you can get accurate reports on asset utilisation for accurate billing. 

Through the addition of driver safety mechanisms like Driver ID tags, you can ensure that there is no unauthorised use of heavy machinery so that only licensed and trained drivers can operate the machine while on site. 

With these strategic approaches leveraging technology, your manager can get accurate reports on asset utilisation, improve safety for drivers and machine operators, get actionable insights to reduce various costs or improve efficiency to ensure they achieve their project goals.

For Island Concrete, Cartrack’s GPS tracking technology and other features have helped them improve customer relationships and ensure profitability from their fleet, here’s how:

Case study: Island Concrete secures customer satisfaction

Island Concrete was established in 1970 and is one of Singapore’s oldest and largest ready-mixed concrete suppliers. They strive to deliver quality concrete to different customers across the country and their batching plants produce over 3 million cubic meters of concrete annually. 

One of their biggest challenges is that they had no way of knowing exactly where their concrete mixers are at any given time and they had no system in place to confirm when their loaded mixers arrived or departed from various job sites. This means they could not assist drivers experiencing delays or update customers on delivery progress. These inefficiencies resulted in complaints from customers and profit losses. 

With Cartrack’s GPS tracking and mapping features, Island Concrete can see exactly where their mixers are when out on the field. They can also ensure the concrete is delivered on time to customers, quickly identify delays and communicate this with drivers and customers. Cartrack's geofencing also helps them better manage and improve delivery times. Managers can set virtual boundaries around various delivery sites using the geofence feature and receive alerts the moment their mixers enter or exit these areas, helping them see when drivers arrive on time and deliveries are taking place accordingly.

Overall, customers can continue their operations more efficiently, thanks to Island Concrete’s use of Cartrack’s GPS tracking system and fleet management. 

“We are extremely pleased that Cartrack’s Fleet Management gives us the fleet insights we need to ensure effective dispatch of ready-mixed concrete, that’s delivered on time” - Goh GJ, Senior Operation Manager | Island Concrete

4. Field Service

There are so many moving parts when it comes to managing a field service team of technicians, installers, sales marketers and a diverse fleet of vehicles (from vans, trucks and motorcycles). Whether you are servicing homes or businesses, there are some unique challenges you might face in the service industry. 

Such as:

  • Difficulty tracking drivers - field service managers have to deal with headaches from massive amounts of paperwork, manually tracking drivers and vehicles and addressing any delays in services. With a field service management tool, they can digitise this entire process and avoid the admin headaches.
  • Vehicle downtime - because mobile workers rely on fleet vehicles for service delivery, any breakdowns or underperformance of vehicles directly affects the costs. High maintenance expenses and repairs can make it costly for you to keep your fleet running.
  • Customer service and satisfaction - whether it is the delays from drivers and service workers, vehicle downtime or poor communication with customers, each of these can affect brand reputation and customer satisfaction with service delivery.

With the best GPS tracking devices from Cartrack Singapore, your field service business can benefit from real-time vehicle tracking. Managers can pinpoint the vehicle location and see the distance and departure times between different service jobs. This helps them address any delays by communicating with mobile drivers or keeping customers informed and maintaining a positive relationship.  

The data-driven driver insights will give you reports on drivers' behaviours, from speeding to harsh braking and turns. Identifying potential safety risks for drivers and help you improve risky driver behaviour. With the addition of Cartrack Field Service, you can also assign and monitor tasks to drivers. The entire process is paperless and managers get to enjoy the digital field service management. 

Customers working with Cartrack’s GPS tracking and fleet management system can ensure their service technicians deliver excellence. By helping them improve driver productivity, driver safety, and customer relationships, and save on operational costs.

Case Study:  DPP Plumbing gets service excellence with Cartrack Singapore

DPP Pumbling & Sanitary Service delivers quality plumbing installations and maintenance across Singapore, from homes to hotels. They strive to prioritise reliable customer service and build a trusting relationship with clients. 

To maintain high service standards and brand reputation, they needed to ditch the paperwork and streamline administrative tasks with an entirely digital process. Manually tracking drivers and vehicles created delays, hindered timely appointments and wasted resources.

Cartrack Singapore helped fleet managers get live-tracking on vehicle activity, and get data-driven insights about drivers' behaviour and practice. In addition, they could deliver the service excellence they promise to customers while saving on costs and reducing maintenance expenses on fleet vehicles.


Go beyond GPS tracking for your fleet with Cartrack Singapore

Your GPS tracker choice can make or break your fleet’s performance and ultimately your business, that is why Cartrack Singapore offers advanced GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for you. 

Get the best GPS tracker to transform your fleet and get a comprehensive platform that works for small and large businesses and their fleet. 

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