Powerful Fleet Management Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics in Singapore

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Keeping cargo consistently cool in a notoriously hot and humid climate is challenging, and this is a daily reality faced by cold chain fleet managers here in Singapore

Ready to unpack the top tech solutions that can make cold chain operations and compliance a breeze and the intricate components that make this a challenging field to manage?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you will:

  • Understand how the cold chain logistics process works
  • Discover industries in Singapore dependent on cold chain logistics
  • Identify challenges posed by Singapore’s cold chain logistics industry
  • Look at possible solutions for problems within the industry
  • See how Cartrack can put you in control of your cold chain business

Cold chain logistics in Singapore and why it’s essential

Singapore is heavily reliant on imported food due to its geographical location and infrastructure. It needs a solid system to keep its groceries fresh from farm to table. This is why cold chain logistics plays a vital role in the country's infrastructure.

Cold chain logistics defined

Imagine a seamless network of temperature-controlled storage facilities, transportation, and technology, all working together to keep food chilled, safe, and ready to reach your plate.

This isn't just about food, though. The demand for chilled and frozen goods like medicines and vaccines is also rising, further highlighting the importance of a robust cold chain. With the rising demand for vaccine transportation and other temperature-sensitive healthcare products, Singapore's cold chain logistics market’s compound annual growth rate or CAGR was 3.6% from 2016 to 2021.

The cold chain logistics process

Overall, cold chain logistics in Singapore is a complex process that requires careful planning, monitoring, and execution, and the process consists of several interconnected steps that work hard to maintain the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive goods in transit. Take a look at these key components:

  • Preparing goods for shipment: This includes packaging, labelling, and making sure the vehicle is equipped with the appropriate cold chain logistics technology, like cooling systems or temperature sensors.
  • Shipping the goods: Shipping cold chain cargo is always time-sensitive, so choosing the most effective mode of transport will include considering factors like distance, cargo size, weight, exterior temperature, and perishability. For example, vaccines will need different temperature requirements than fresh produce.
  • Proceeding through customs: You don’t want your cold chain cargo to get stuck and start warming up in customs. Clearing customs swiftly and effectively helps minimise delays and preserve the integrity of the goods in transit.
  • Delivering the goods: Using route planning and optimisation tools to find the fastest and safest routes while prioritising cold-chain delivery orders and implementing real-time tracking systems helps optimise the delivery process.
  • Storing the goods: When it comes to maintaining a constant temperature, storage type and quality are key. Suitable storage facilities include blast freezers, cold rooms, and refrigerated containers that help maintain the required temperature range.
  • Processing and distribution: The cold chain cargo handling processes between storage facilities must be streamlined while ensuring careful, hygienic handling.

Throughout the cold chain logistics process, it’s essential to maintain constant temperature, minimise shipment delays, and implement proper monitoring systems that help ensure the cargo’s quality and integrity.

The link between cold chain logistics and fleet management

Effective cold chain logistics management needs robust fleet management practices incorporating real-time temperature monitoring, regulation compliance, and cargo protection to proactively ensure your cargo stays cool, calm, and collected. 

With advanced fleet management solutions tailor-made for cold-chain logistics, fleet managers can overcome temperature fluctuations and route complications, helping ensure their cargo’s integrity.


Industries in Singapore that use cold chain logistics and the challenges they face

With so many industries in Singapore dependent on cold chain transportation, especially since so many of the country’s produce and other temperature-sensitive products are imported, it’s crucial to have a foolproof management system in place.

Here are some examples of industries reliant on cold chain technology:

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products

The increasing demand for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, including the booming vaccine industry, has been a key driver for cold chain logistics in Singapore. The growing demand for vaccine transportation is one of the main reasons the country's cold transport market has grown in the past few years, along with a demand for other temperature-sensitive healthcare products like insulin, which is used to treat type 1 diabetes.

Fresh and frozen foods

Fresh foods like fruit, vegetables, and dairy are probably the most common examples of cold chain cargo that require careful temperature monitoring. Along with fresh produce, dairy, and meat, frozen food like ready-made meals, frozen meat and seafood, and other frozen products like ice cream require reliable cold chain monitoring technology to prevent financial loss and support customer satisfaction.

Retail and e-commerce

The growing e-commerce sector in Singapore has also contributed to the demand for cold chain logistics, particularly storing and delivering temperature-sensitive goods that customers choose to purchase online instead of in-store.

Other chemicals and raw materials

The industrial, medical and manufacturing sectors also rely on cold-chain logistics to preserve the integrity of their products in transit. For example, biological matter like organs are extremely sensitive to temperature, and their transport depends on cold chain technology to avoid premature degradation and spoilage. The same goes for reactive or hazardous chemicals; here, controlled temperature conditions can prevent explosions or combustion.   

Several important industries rely on cold chain logistics to ensure the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain — from storage and transportation to final delivery.

The top challenges faced by cold chain logistics companies

The cold chain industry’s web of regulations and requirements demands proper navigation, as businesses can face a range of challenges, from unhappy customers to compliance-related issues.

  • Proper handling

    One crucial challenge in the cold chain industry is ensuring proper handling of temperature-sensitive products. Unlike everyday goods, these items require specialised care throughout their journey, from storage to delivery. To ensure appropriate handling, the industry relies on specialised equipment like refrigerated trucks and warehouses, coupled with strict handling protocols and thoroughly trained and certified personnel.
  • Creating and maintaining infrastructure

    Building a high-tech, temperature-controlled network across an entire country is an ongoing challenge for cold chain logistics companies in Singapore. Unlike standard logistics, fresh food and medicine involves specialised equipment, precise temperature control in a humid, tropical climate, and a constant, reliable power supply.
  • Regulatory compliance

    Keeping things cool isn't the only challenge for cold chain logistics companies in Singapore. Navigating the complex regulatory compliance landscape adds another layer of difficulty, as it involves strict rules and meticulous documentation while ensuring the delicate cargo stays chilled and constant. The key to overcoming regulatory compliance obstacles in cold chain logistics is proper documentation, adherence to high standards, and continuous monitoring.
  • Customer satisfaction

    The rising demand for fresh, high-quality products places pressure on companies to deliver exceptional service. To ensure customer satisfaction from farm to table, businesses need to provide efficient and reliable services while meticulously adhering to regulations by using state-of-the-art tech and temperature monitoring equipment to safeguard the integrity of their cold chain cargo.

How Cartrack’s advanced monitoring helps keep your precious cargo cool

Don’t break a sweat when it comes to ensuring chilled cargo, top-tier service, and dedicated compliance. Cartrack’s state-of-the-art monitoring devices and software are designed to take a weight off your shoulders and help you manage seamless cold chain operations.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Proactively deal with potential issues and delays before they become a problem by using live and accurate vehicle tracking. Accessible on our fleet pages, real-time GPS tracking provides a bird's eye view of your entire supply chain, so you can check where your cold-chain trucks are, whether they are sticking to their assigned routes, and use location-based problem-solving if there’s an issue. Get full control of your fleet’s visibility from the moment perishables leave the warehouse until they reach their destination.

Temperature sensors

Keep your perishables in optimal condition and your cold-chain business safe and reliable with advanced temperature monitoring systems. By installing Cartrack’s temperature sensors, you’ll know the vehicle/cargo temperature at all times and receive timely alerts of unwanted changes in temperature so you can proactively prevent cargo spoilage and stay compliant.

Cargo door monitoring

Ensure that your cold chain goods are safe and that you stay compliant during every stage of the delivery process with our cargo door sensors and live-streaming camera solutions.

  • With our cargo door sensors, you’ll know the moment your doors open and close and also get live alerts of unauthorised access.
  • Install up to four live-streaming cameras that allow you to receive alerts when tampering is detected as well as access to instantly downloaded footage of these events.

Route planning

Increase your ROI by increasing your cold chain fleet’s productivity with smart route planning. Not only does route planning allow you to preplan efficient routes based on destination, stops, and traffic that helps you get more done in less time, but it also helps you save fuel and minimise unnecessary maintenance and repairs on your fleet vehicles while ensuring your cargo reaches its destination when it’s supposed to.

Driver behaviour monitoring

Improve fuel efficiency, reduce costly traffic fines, and increase route compliance with the ultimate driver accountability tool that detects speeding, harsh braking, and harsh turning. Add Cartrack’s state-of-the-art AI Smart Cabin camera solutions to alert your drivers of distracted or fatigued behaviour in real time while offering valuable insights into potential emergencies or other incidents.

Cartrack Delivery

Effortlessly schedule tasks, update deliveries in real time, and optimise routes for supercharged fleet efficiency with Cartrack Delivery. Conveniently available on fleet pages and the app, this tool helps eliminate poor driver communication, supports faster deliveries, and skyrockets your cold-chain fleet’s productivity.


How Cartrack helped Supermarket Farms elevate their cold-chain operations

Supermarket Farms, an established supplier of quality fresh produce for over 30 years, needed a system that helps detect and prevent detours and delays for cold-chain dispatch and delivery optimisation. Cartrack’s fleet management platform helped Supermarket Farms get the driver and vehicle insights they need to optimise day-to-day operations.

"Cartrack's system has benefited our business’ productivity, helping with logistics, and improving driver turnaround times. It has helped us make sure there are no delays and route detours, saving us petrol because the drivers are staying on the exact routes”

- Nelson Duarte, Co-owner, Supermarket Farms

Stay in control with Cartrack’s Singapore cold chain tech solutions

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